Our Vision

The primary aim of the DHARTI (Digital Humanities Alliance for Research and Teaching Innovations) blog is to curate short articles, reflections and provocations, to promote conversations around digital practices in arts and humanities scholarship in India, both within and beyond academic institutions. In an attempt to decolonize Digital Humanities, we are committed to amplifying voices of marginalized populations and communities, whose voices get left out of the DH conversation.

We envision this blog as a space that will allow us to reach a wider range of audience, with varying degrees of interest in Digital Humanities in India.

Please join us as we work towards imagining futures of DH and reckon with the contemporary debates of the field.

Who are We?

This blog is currently lead by the coordinators of the DHARTI Special Interest Groups listed below under the guidance of DHARTI’s Interim Committee.

Managing Editor of DHARTI Blog and Coordinator for Archives and Archiving : Sritama Chatterjee (src88@pitt.edu)

Digital Objects in Media : Samya Brata Roy (samyabrataroy@gmail.com)

Feminist DH : Sayantani Saraswati (saraswati.2@iitj.ac.in)

Regional Heritage : Prakruti Maniar (prakruti@purplepencilproject.com)

Margins : Subhanjali Saraswati (ssubhanjali@gmail.com)

Pedagogy : Manasi Nene (manasinene42@gmail.com)

Computational Humanities and Cultural Analytics: Poonam Chowdhury (poonam.chowdhury1810@gmail.com)

Open Call for Submissions:

As a team, we are actively seeking out articles on any of the areas mentioned above on DH in India. Please pitch us your articles in 100 words at dharti.medium20@gmail.com or to one of our Special Interest Group Coordinators. If we think that your pitch addresses one of the core thematic interests of DHARTI, we will invite you to submit a full-length article of about 800–1000 words which will go through a process of review and editing.

Since our team runs on a volunteer basis, we request for your patience and understanding because it might take us some time to respond to your email, though we will make an attempt to respond to you in two weeks.

Though Medium has a Partnership Program through which writers can get paid, we are currently not signed up for it because Medium does not have a method for disbursal of payments in India, where most of the DHARTI Team members are based. Therefore, we deeply regret that we are not in a position yet to pay you for your contributions to our blog.

Blog of Digital Humanities Alliance for Research and Teaching Innovations(DHARTI), an initiative towards organising and facilitating digital practices in India