For the month of July, the Special Interest Group Coordinators of DHARTI reflect on their experiences of editing the DHARTI digital publication for the first cycle. They share their aspiration, thoughts and suggest ways to move forward. Stay tuned till the end for an announcement and Call for Submissions.


Milli Consortium celebrated the International Archives Week (IAW) between June 7 to 13, 2021, involving panel discussions, showcases, and workshops. The weeklong event presented over 25 sessions, involving more than 50 speakers of national and international repute. The June 12 panel, titled ‘Learn’, invited pedagogues, independent researchers, students, and professionals/…

From the Managing Editor’s Desk: As we publish this article in the May of 2021, India has seen a massive second wave of COVID cases. From the constant calls on social media for oxygen cylinders and beds to media coverage of people dying because of no oxygen, it is difficult…

-Riddhima Sharma

Ten hands raised up in the air with #METOO written on the palm
Hands raised up in the air with #METOO written on the palms (Image used under Creative Commons License)

In a deeply stratified society like India, accessing and engaging with digital media platforms affects and is affected by the hierarchies and inequities of caste, gender, sexuality, class, and disability. While we see these inequities, oppression and violence being reproduced and amplified online, these inequities have also been…

“Beyond Defaults: Multilingual DH meets Cultural Analytics” by Quinn Dombrowski

-Event Report by Subhanjali Saraswati

Poster of the event

A strong voice advocating for the change in the framework with Digital Humanities projects, Quinn Dombrowski begins that DH is not simply a pedagogical or an activist scholarship but a knowledge resource available to the…


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